Get Yourself a Solar Charger and 30% Goes to Climate Cycle

3.4 watt 6 volt solar charger kit in use. © Voltaic Systems

When you use the code CLIMATECYCLE to purchase any item at the Voltaic Systems website, Voltaic will donate 30% of the purchase price back to Climate Cycle.

Your purchase of a $75 solar charger kit would generate a $22.50 donation to Climate Cycle. How cool is that?

Buy a 3.4 watt 6 volt solar charger kit from Voltaic Systems, and you’ll never have to plug your phone into the wall again.

These are the same kits that we’ve awarded to students for their solar backpack projects. Attach a panel to your backpack or bike rack, and you’ll be ready for travel and adventure.

Or, if DIY is not your speed, green your world with a laptop bag and charger in one, and be the envy of the office!

Part of what you know and love Climate Cycle for is putting solar panels on Chicago area schools.

Now, using the code CLIMATECYCLE, you can sport your own personal solar panel and help put more solar on schools in the process!

Laptop bag and charger in one. © Voltaic Systems