364: A Meditation on One-Day Special Events

At Climate Cycle, we spend a lot of time and effort gearing up for the Ride/Stride to Recharge. We look forward to a day of serious fun in service to a serious cause – as do our friends and supporters, school partners, and students.

However, the Ride/Stride is a one-day event, much like Veteran’s Day, Earth Day, or Valentine’s Day. I’d like to talk about the other 364 days.

The fact that U.S. Veterans are twice as likely as non-veterans to be homeless is one of numerous sad statistics that reflect the post-war troubles many of our bravest citizens are facing. Suffice it to say, Veteran’s Day, the one day of the year we set aside to honor our veterans, is not solving the plethora of post-war challenges these folks are facing.

The same is true of Earth Day. Please don’t get me wrong: it is wonderful we set aside this day to honor our earth. And on a personal level, this was my best Earth Day yet, as I had an absolute blast rapping that day with Jerome McDonnell on Worldview. That said, it is clearly not solving the many sustainability challenges we face. What matters much more is what we do the other 364 days of the year.

Locke Elementary, April 2015. Sustainability Assembly & premier of latest pedal-powered system. © E.J. Rublev

Locke Elementary, April 2015. Sustainability Assembly & premier of our most advanced pedal-power system. © E.J. Rublev

This was the message I brought to students at Locke Elementary last week during one of Climate Cycle’s Sustainability Assemblies. As their exciting new pedal-power system was unveiled, I shared with them that while we too are disappointed that the Ride/Stride is not happening this year, this is an event that is just one day out of the year. Just as a glum Valentine’s Day won’t stop us from expressing the love to those we hold dear the rest of the year, we must ensure the same integrity is upheld with our relationship to the planet despite temporary setbacks and disappointments. Not only is this a valuable life lesson, it may also be a lesson upon which our fate could hinge.

Thank you for your efforts to be the change the other 364 days of the year. And thank you for your continued support of Climate Cycle’s efforts to inspire students to green our world.




Joey Feinstein
Executive Director
Climate Cycle