Team Captain Huddle! May 4th at 6:30 pm

Come to our last Team Captains meeting! It’ll be your last time to get tips from seasoned team captains.

If you missed the meeting last time, we compiled the nuggets of wisdom below. There will surely be more valuable lessons shared at the last Team Captain huddle. Hope to see you there!
Date: Tuesday, May 4th 4564_87950384332_84519119332_1734574_2838559_n.jpg
Location: REI on 1466 N Halsted
Time: 6:30 – 8 pm
We’ll have snacks and drinks.
Join in on the fun and be a team captain!

If you have questions or need more information, please email us at

Top Ten “A-ha!” Moments
Generated by attendees of the April 1st Team Captains meeting
1. Make it easy for people to donate. Put you’re a fundraising page link in your email signature, in your Facebook profile, and anywhere else you are in the public light. Be sure to share a compelling reason why this cause means so much to you.
2. If you pledge to fundraise any amount over the fundraising minimum, you aren’t required to reach it (although we would love it if you did!). Some rides will charge you for the remaining amount, but we don’t play that game.
3. Cast the net wide to make your team big. From spouses and family members of your co-workers, everyone is invited to ride! You never know who will ride.
4. Get a close friend or family to give a matching donation for every donation over $100 (or some other amount). Create a game out of your donations and encourage people to go big!
5. Throw a house party! Ask for a suggested donation at the door because people have a tendency to give more in social situations. You can get food and drinks donated, and raffle off art or have a silent auction. Many bars will split the door charge with you if you’d like to hold an event there.
6. If you are close to your fundraising goal, increase it. No need to put a cap to your success. People like to donate to success!
7. Reach out to businesses in your neighborhood and get their support. Maybe they will donate a raffle prize for your house party or pies for dessert. We have plenty of posters and postcards for friendly businesses as well.
8. Organize a training ride to increase enthusiasm and prepare for the ride. Have a pre-ride party!
9. If you are a school Team Captain, consider arranging to get a fleet of bikes for your students to ride.
10. Be persistent. Look, we’re all human. Most of us have the best intentions but get easily distracted. A friendly, enthusiastic, and upbeat reminder is always welcome. Acknowledge and thank those who have donated and the procrastinators will follow suite.
For a PDF of the these “A-ha” moments, click here.