Curie Metro High School has Solar!

Curie kicked off their solar era in grand fashion with an incredible day of dynamic eco-stewardship.

CurieHS TKP124 Photo: Tricia Koning
Several thousand students were exposed to a variety of environmental efforts largely spearheaded by visionary Curie History teacher Josh Parker.
These included:

  • Environmental Workshops: Various groups conducted workshops for individual classrooms both inside and outside the classroom. Workshops included Curie’s Ecology Club and the Ecological Footprint, their Garden Club and community gardening, Saatchi and Saatchi S and the OneDot campaign, ACE and environmental leadership, and Kari Lydersen and journalism regarding environmental justice issues.
  • Environmental Fair: Curie clubs and outside organizations came together to connect with close to 2000 students to promote environmental awareness, service-learning opportunities, and green careers during our inaugural green fair.
  • Service Learning Trips: Ten classrooms left the building and traveled to various destinations to do environmental service learning work. Three trips (and five classrooms) visited local forest preserves and performed beautification (litter cleanups) and invasive species removal. One trip (five classrooms) walked to local Archer Park to mulch the trees and prepare them for the summer months.