Don’t Blame BP, Blame Me

Climate Cycle Executive Director shares his thoughts on the role and impact each person can make in our fossil fuel riddled economy.

A Letter from the Executive Director

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Dear Climate Cycle supporter,

As an organization, Climate Cycle is founded on the belief that each one of us can make a difference that benefits us all. As the

founder and executive director of Climate Cycle, I consider it important to improve how I align my actions with this basic tenet.BP oil spill

Today, we find ourselves in the midst of what many are calling the worst ecological crisis in US history, and it’s washing up on American shores. As we call upon BP and politicians for answers, let us not ignore it is we, Americans, who consume five times more oil per capita than the average world citizen.1 Although BP negligently ignored safety warnings and took shortcuts, they are filling our demand like other oil and energy giants. Much like BP, we too are ignoring nature’s safety warnings with our ever-rising consumption of fossil fuels.

Over time, issues like energy have become increasingly politically contentious. Yet it was W. Bush’s 7th State of the Union Address that he declared “America is addicted to oil.” As unnerving as the rallying cry of “drill, baby, drill” is to many of us, it is the message that is sent to oil rigs and volatile regimes all over the world every time we fill our gas tank, whether white, brown, Republican, Democrat, man or woman.

At 12:40 p.m. today, I am flying to Brussels, Belgium. The arrangements have been made by the U.S. Mission to the EU so that I can share ideas on sustainability and education with European delegates in the days leading up to Europe’s Earth Day on June 5th. It is an awesome honor. At the same time, the irony of traveling in a gas guzzling jumbo jet across the ocean to discuss issues of climate and energy is an unsettling juxtaposition. For all I know, thiStudents at events plane could be filled with fuel from underwater wells like the one that is gushing out of control.

Although it is easier to look back 1,000 years than forward 50 years, the oil spills lining our seas pale by comparison to what catastrophic climate change could look like within our children’s lifetime. Society is dragging anchor and in danger of ecologically capsizing. Where this will lead nobody knows, but we must beware of the rocks. As in times of great crises, it is imperative we each do our part to stem the tide.

To this end, upon returning from Europe, I pledge to donate my car to charity and convert most of my long distance travels from airplane to train. While such decisions require increased travel time commitments, until the crude method of combustion we are reliant upon is rendered obsolete, time is of the essence in reducing our fossil fuel riddled ways.

Let us not allow the miracles of the modern age we all enjoy become dynamite in disguise for the children we love. Together, we can ensure that our greatest dangers become opportunities for a societal renaissance on par with the Industrial, Space Age and Computer Revolutions.

To refueling our future,

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Joey Feinstein
Founder and Executive Director


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