Guest Post by Locke Elementary 8th Grader Milton G.

Locke Lions Team at the 2014 Ride/Stride to Recharge.  © Brad Parker

Locke Lions Team at the 2014 Ride/Stride to Recharge. © Brad Parker

We’re delighted to repost this piece from The IB Connection by Locke 8th Grader Milton G. about his experience at this year’s Ride/Stride to Recharge:


Climate Cycle has been an amazing experience to be part of throughout the past two years that I have been in the IB MYP at Locke School. Joey has inspired many of us, including myself, to make positive green decisions for our environment. Climate Cycle is more than a program; it is an opportunity to make a change in our society. On Sunday, June 1st Locke was ready for our second time participating in Climate Cycle, and it was even more amazing than the first! All of us had a huge smile on our faces knowing that we were helping make the world a better place. Without the help of Joey, Mr. Parker, and our teachers we would have never gone this far, and I feel that with more and more Locke students participating in this wonderful program we can definitely make an even larger impact on our world. Even though I am moving to Florida on June 20th, I will always remember how good it felt to have been part of the change. But don’t worry I plan on flying home for next year’s Climate Cycle, to see the new green projects, and to hear the Locke Lion’s Roar again!!!

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