Let’s Solarbrate!

Last year, nearly thirty 2nd and 3rd graders from Polaris, a grade school in Humboldt Park, rode for solar on their school.

This coming week, they receive their panels. Please join us for a spirited “Solarbration” as Climate Cyclists and Polaris celebrate our shared achievements. Polaris’ “Sun Advisers” will present what they learned during a semester long Solar Studies program. This will be followed by 1st and 2nd graders doing solar cheers as a procession of Climate Cyclists, students on bikes who rode in last year’s Solar Schools Ride, bike by for all to see. Please join us!
Date: Friday, April 30th
Time: 2:30 – 4:00 pm
Polaris Charter Academy, 620 N. Sawyer, Chicago, IL
Polaris riders Photo: Tricia Koning
“I’ve never seen a group of prouder kids than when we completed the Solar Schools Ride. The kids actually choose to push themselves to go an additional mile and a half down the course because, “then more people will know what we’re doing and think about why solar power is important.” Of course, this made for a rather challenging return trip, but despite fatigue and the relentless head wind, every student completed the course. I think their endurance was summed up by Rose who, about a mile from the end, wiped out and landed smack in a mud puddle. When we asked Rose if she wanted to walk and cut across the hill to get back sooner said, “No! We have to finish together. This is too important not to finish.”

~Tracy Kwock, Director of Partnerships, Polaris Charter Academy