Plastic Challenge Update


Students at Locke Elementary in Montclare, on Chicago’s Northwest Side, took the Plastic Challenge back in February, and, according to teacher Kinga Baut, they’ve taken it to heart!

April 11, 2014

Hi Erin and Joey,

As we close up for Spring Break I wanted to send you a quick update from Locke’s Technology class. The third group of students just started the Plastic Challenge. This group of students have revolutionized Locke with their video productions and I cannot wait to see what they create for the Plastic Challenge.

I cannot thank you both enough for the amazing opportunity that you provided my Tech classroom and continue to do all over Locke. It is amazing to see the green spirit grow in our building. My Room 217 students love sharing stories of refusing plastic bags at the grocery store with me which shows their desire to be a part of the solution even after the project has finished [emphasis added].

I really look forward in continuing this partnership in my classroom and seeing it flourish. Your passion for making this a better world for all of us has truly inspired me. Attached you will find a few new pieces added to our political art collection [made from plastic collected by the students].

See you at the next Climate Cycle Assembly,