SLB Working Groups

SLB members join different working groups to effect change in their schools and communities.


The Data Working Group is responsible for collecting and analyzing data on the problem as well as determining effectiveness of solutions they implement. Students hone their analytical skills while working with researchers and evaluators from businesses and universities. Additionally, students also learn new methods of data visualization, a skill which is becoming increasingly important as more citizens become consumers of data.



The Policy Working Group explores and affects the policies surrounding energy and waste locally, state-wide, and nationally. They will write letters and policy briefs to the appropriate entities to make change at a variety of levels. They will meet with local government such as aldermen to discuss their concerns and may attend community meetings and conferences.



The Design Working Group focuses on creative solutions to school and home energy and waste problems. Solutions start with those that schools have already developed such as anti-idling and lights out campaigns. Students work with engineers and scientists from the community and our sponsors to create action plans addressing the identified problems. They also work with CPS’s initiative to create energy action plans, which include working closely with energy managers and building engineers. This group relies on their STEM content knowledge as much as their attention to detail in order to create workable solutions to the problems they identify.

Although these groups work on different parts of the energy problems in Chicago schools, they meet as a whole to discuss their progress and share ideas. Importantly, these groups are comprised of students across schools so that no one school dominates a particular working group.


Download the 2012 application here: 2012 Student Leadership Board Application.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. Email your completed application to Erin Potter, Schools Programming Coordinator, at Questions? Call us at 872-202-9623.