Student Leadership Board

The goal of the Climate Cycle Student Leadership Board (SLB) is to build a collaborative community of students who take the lead on issues of climate change related to their community. This program is motivated by two needs: for students to see themselves as academically capable and for students to be empowered by actually making the change they see needs to occur in their communities.

Participating students come from our partner high schools. Through their participation in the Board, they have the opportunities to take a leadership role in their communities while improving their content knowledge and resume. The students have chosen to focus on energy efficiency and reduction across their schools in an effort to save the schools money and to reduce the environmental impact of education in Chicago.

To learn more about the SLB, go here.

Download the application here: Student Leadership Board Application.

Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. Email your completed application to Erin Potter, Schools Programming Coordinator, at Questions? Call us at 872-202-9623.