Student Showcase

Each year at our annual Soirée, one of the highlights is the Student Showcase, formerly known as Project Recharge. Visit this year’s Student Showcase at our upcoming 4th Annual Climate Cycle Soirée on Saturday, February 23, 2013.

Student Showcase projects are student-led ventures that help further Climate Cycle’s mission of inspiring students to green our world. Designed for students seeking to take their eco-imaginations to the next frontier, the Student Showcase ventures can incorporate any combination of science, math, literature, music, art, or community outreach into projects that address the climate crisis.

The purpose of the Student Showcase is to share climate solutions with the Climate Cycle community, cultivate leadership and communication skills among students who are passionate about addressing climate change, and highlight Climate Cycle schools as leaders in sustainability education.

This year’s Soirée will feature 9 projects from the following 5 elementary and 3 high schools:

Elementary Schools

Budlong Elementary

Greening the Cafeteria


Locke Elementary

Recycling and Waste Reduction


Polaris Charter Academy

Energy Audit & Water Quality Study


Ray Elementary

Pedal-Powered Classroom


Smyser Elementary



High Schools

Curie Metro High School

Solar Backpacks


Payton High School




Building a Pedal- Powered Classroom