Sustainability Assembly Series

Our sustainability and climate change education efforts continue to grow and evolve. The STEAM based Sustainability Assemblies we offer are available as a standalone or a 3-part series. This high energy and interdisciplinary approach brings sustainability, waste and climate change education to life through fast moving, impactful and informative content. Math, science, history and hip-hop are seamlessly interwoven to show how the issues of sustainability, climate change and waste are connected to every facet of our lives. We believe that teaching these critical topics can be fun and engaging; these assemblies consistently captivate the hearts and minds of students, with age appropriate content targeted for students as young as PK through all the through college level and beyond.

Key to this expanded Sustainability Series is an interactive approach. Here, Executive Director Joey Feinstein engages with students by incorporating audience participation and rapping:

For those schools seeking to take their sustainability, climate change education and waste efforts to the next level, a variety of project based learning, curricular enrichment and green action efforts are available. To date, we’ve educated over 50,000 students about our shared environmental challenges and what we can do to address them. Additionally, we’ve helped over 50 green school projects come to fruition while working with schools to raise over $150,000 for sustainability projects ranging from solar panel installations to school gardens, pedal power classrooms, and more.

Adding to the already dynamic and exciting content, assemblies can also be pedal powered. Here is a video of Joey Feinstein rapping to schools about sustainability, climate change education and waste with a 100% pedal powered sound system:

To bring the Sustainability Assembly Series to your school, contact Executive Director Joey Feinstein at