Sustainability Assembly Series

Climate Cycle’s programs continue to grow and evolve. Our new 3-part Sustainability Assembly Series gives students a deeper understanding of the climate change crisis and sustainable approaches to mitigating it.

The Series seeks to educate large numbers of students about sustainability through school assemblies and project based learning, inspire them to take action, and subsequently achieve positive environmental results through green projects procured at their school.

In January 2012, we piloted our 3-part Sustainability Assembly Series at Locke Elementary School, located in the Montclare neighborhood on the Northwest Side of Chicago. A K-8 school, serving predominantly low-income students, Locke also offers an intensive International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

Key to this expanded Series is an interactive approach. Here, Executive Director Joey Feinstein engages with students by incorporating audience participation and rapping:


Following the rollout of the Series, a record team of 150 students, teachers and parents from Locke Elementary participated in the 2013 Ride to Recharge & Climate Steps, while raising over $10,000. Of that total, an impressive $4,500 was raised by the 100+ students themselves. As a result of their participation, students were awarded individual solar charger kits as part of our solar backpack project — enabling them to not only learn about solar energy, but also sustainably power their handheld devices, such as smartphones or mp3 players.


Locke Sustainability Assembly 640 size

The Locke Solar Team poses with their newly awarded solar charger kits.   © Brad Parker

We are excited to be bringing this new level of in-depth programming to partner schools and look forward to activating more students and teachers in the Clean Energy Movement.

To bring the Sustainability Assembly Series to your school, contact Executive Director Joey Feinstein at