We are the keynote speaker!

ChicagoReGen.com has invited Joey Feinstein to address 50 Chicago leaders of nonprofit, governmental, and for-profit organizations at an Environmental Work Session on Thursday, October 7th.

In aligning with 350.org’s 10/10/10 Work Party initiative, ChicagoReGen.com has planned an Environmental Work Session to bring together the leaders of environmentally and socially focused organizations to identify actionable ways to leverage their cumulative efforts to help make Chicago more sustainable.

Joey Feinstein’s keynote address will remind the leaders of the urgency and opportunity that climate change affords us.

ChicagoReGen.com seeks to accelerate the local Chicago sustainability efforts by asking the question: What would it take to make Chicago sustainable by 2025 with a high standard of living? The cornerstone of their mission is to further local resilience and improve awareness and personal responsibility of the consequences of our actions. ChicagoReGen.com is a portal where real Chicagoans share news, events, and how they are weaving sustainability practices into their lives. Click here to learn more.